Babylon.js 5.0 Release and MR developers
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The mission of our team is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple web rendering engines in the world. Our passion is to make it completely open and free for everyone.


Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the next version of the Babylon.js platform, Babylon.js 5.0. 



In this blog post, we’ll look at the new features with a Mixed Reality eye, but you can find the full details here: Babylon.js 5.0: Beyond the Stars.


Cross-platform Native Deployment

We know developers want to reach as many people as possible with as little effort as possible. We are proud to announce that Babylon.js 5.0 unlocks the ability to use the Babylon.js API to develop web AND native applications. Whether you’re targeting Web, Windows, Mac, iPhone, or Android Phone, Babylon.js 5.0 allows you to write your rendering code once and deploy it across the platforms of your choice, using the browser OR as native applications!

Learn More about Babylon.js’s Cross Platform Capabilities: Babylon Cross Platform AR Demo, Babylon Cross Platform Documentation


Babylon React Native AR DemoBabylon React Native AR Demo



WebXR Advancements

WebXR is an incredible web standard allowing web developers to create amazing cross-browser XR experiences. Using WebXR to add a mobile AR component to your web site can be a simple and fun way to engage your readers/users even further. While the technology to render world-locked 3D objects has existed in Babylon.js for some time, Babylon.js 5.0 steps the beauty-factor up several notches with the introduction of Light Estimation. This powerful yet easy-to-use new feature allows your Babylon.js scenes to estimate the light in your real-world location and automatically match the lighting and shadows of your virtual world-locked object. This creates a cutting-edge level of immersion between the physical and digital worlds…and it’s all here in Babylon.js…all for free! Babylon.js 5.0 also adds support for WebXR image tracking and for multi-view using web XR Layers.

Check it out on your Android Phone: Light Estimation Demo, Image Tracking Demo

Learn More: Light Estimation Documentation


WebXR Image Tracking DemoWebXR Image Tracking Demo



glTF Updates

The Babylon.js Platform prioritizes support for the absolute latest and greatest advancements to the glTF file format. This means every new version of Babylon.js unlocks new beautiful advancements in rendering capabilities, and Babylon.js 5.0 turns up the heat! With full support for KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_transmission, and KHR_materials_ior, you can now render some absolutely STUNNING visuals!

Check it out: KHR_materials_volume Demo

Learn More: KHR_materials_volume, KHR_materials_transmission, KHR_materials_ior


glTF Material Volume DemoglTF Material Volume Demo



Mixed Reality Toolkit for Babylon.js

Babylon.js 5.0 also adds updated support for the world’s most advanced 3D interface component library, Mixed Reality Toolkit. This advanced library makes it incredibly easy to add advanced XR UX elements into your Babylon.js scenes such as: holographic slates, 3D Sliders, Touch Holographic Buttons, Touch Mesh Buttons, and much more! 

Check it out: MRTK Demo

Learn More: MRTK Documentation


MRTK for Babylon.jsMRTK for Babylon.js


Babylon.js 5.0 launches the Babylon.js platform to incredible new heights and we cannot wait to see you reach for the stars with it!

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