Filing USB feedback with Repro Mode in Windows 10
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First published on MSDN on Aug 17, 2015
Authored by  Michelle Vogel [MSFT]

Feedback from users is one of the many ways the USB team identifies and prioritizes issues and fixes. However, not all feedback is actionable; many times, we need detailed logs to understand what is causing and issue and sometimes which component the issue is even in. For example, you might have a USB keyboard that is not working, to fix the issue our team first needs to determine if the issue is the USB Controller, the device, the HID layer, or even in an intermediate hub. Gathering all the logs to investigate an issue can a bit painful, so we have worked to make it easy to use the capabilities of the Windows Feedback Hub application to provide the most actionable feedback as possible.

This blog post details the resources available to end-users in providing the most actionable feedback to the USB team under Windows 10. A key requirement to filing actionable USB feedback is to use the Recreate my problem feature in the Windows Feedback Hub application. Monitoring mode allows us to configure a rich set of custom log collection to help root root-cause USB issues. At the time of this writing, USB host logs can be captured on either Desktop or Mobile. If you use Recreate my problem we will get logs containing ETW traces of USB2, USB3, UsbUcx, and hub events, which are not filtered. USB function logs will not be captured. If you do not use Recreate my problem, we will not get these logs. Be aware that logs may be as small as 10mb or as large as 100mb depending on how much USB traffic and how much time you spend with Recreate my problem enabled. When you send feedback using Recreate my problem, please make sure you actually reproduce the issue .

Please continue to provide feedback on our blogs! This blog will be updated as necessary with new guidance and information. If you choose to capture your own USB logs outside of Windows Feedback Hub Repro Mode, look through our other blog entries on how to do this, for example this blog.

Windows Feedback on Desktop

1. Launch the Feedback Hub from the Start menu. The Feedback Hub tile should be located in the alphabetical menu or may be pinned to your favorites.

2. After launching the Feedback Hub, select the feedback tab from the drop down menu on the left hand side of the screen

3. From the Category drop down menu select Hardware, Devices, and Drivers.

4. From the Subcategory drop down menu select USB attached devices.

5. Click on Add new feedback.

6. You should see a screen like this. Make sure you select “Problem” when filling out the form. Give a descriptive name in the summary and any details you think we need. Then select "Recreate my problem"

7. This will open up a sub menu to start your data capture. Please disconnect all other USB devices from the system except for the device on which you reproduce the issue before selecting the Start Capture button. Then Select Start Capture .

8. After clicking Start Capture you will see this screen. The stopwatch logo in the bottom right corner indicates that logs are being collected.   Proceed to duplicate whatever action caused the issue.  This will capture the USB logs while you repro the issue.

8. Navigate back to the application and select Stop Capture. You should see the attachment icon below the grayed out Start Capture button. If you need to abort, hit Cancel and go back. If you need to try again, click Remove next to Recorded background data and Recorded screenshots. Do not click the Submit button if you do not want to submit your logs. If you want to look at the logs or keep a copy for yourself select the check mark next to Save a local copy of diagnostics and attachments created when giving feedback. You will be given a link to their location on the computer after you click Submit.

9. Click Submit & this feedback will be sent to the USB team with logs. Thank you!

Windows Feedback on Mobile

1. Launch the Windows Feedback Hub app from the Start screen. The Feedback Hub tile should look like this:

2. After launching the Feedback Hub app, select the menu icon on the top.

3. Select Feedback from the drop down menu.

4. On the next page select the + to add new feedback.

5.On the next page, make sure you select Problem for the kind of feedback. Give a brief summary of your issue.

6. Next scroll down to select a category and subcategory and under Category select Hardware, Devices and Drivers. Under Subcategory select USB attached devices.

7. Next scroll down until you expose Begin monitoring. Click on it and you have 60 seconds to repeat the action that caused the error problem. This will capture logs for the USB team to investigate while you reproduce the issue. The red stop watch in the bottom corner of the app indicates that logs are being captured.

8. Click Stop monitoring to stop collecting logs.

9. After hitting stop you will see a file icon with the name "System monitoring file". If you want to try to reproduce the issue again, select Remove. If you no longer want to send any logs, select Cancel. Otherwise select Submit to send your logs.

10. This feedback will be provided to the USB team with logs. Thank you!
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