Unlock new task management experiences with Microsoft Loop components in Outlook email, Teams chat.
Published May 10 2023 02:00 AM 16K Views

You and your team may already be using Loop components to stay up to date and in sync on fast-moving projects. Loop components are portable pieces of content that stay in sync across all the places they are shared like Outlook and Teams. 

In this blog we are excited to share the new ways of task management that help teams think, plan, and create together. Now tasks created via Loop components sync across Microsoft 365 apps like Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner, and Tasks app in Teams.  


Task management while collaborating has never been easier. 

Creating a Loop task list in Outlook email 

In the ‘Insert’ tab of your new email, you will see an option ‘Loop Components’ which further has multiple options. Choose the option ‘task List’ to create a new task list in the email body. You can add new tasks to this task list, assign users to it and add the due dates corresponding to each task.  



Each user with a task assigned will be automatically added to the ‘To’ list of the email as illustrated below. 


You can create a task list in Teams chat too: 


And assign tasks to the users. 



View your tasks list in Microsoft Planner. 

Many teams use Microsoft Planner, a light-weight planning application, for visual task management. That’s why tasks in Loop components are also integrated with Planner to make team task management even easier. You can click on the three-dots menu to see an option called Open in Planner. 



Manage your Tasks list in Microsoft Planner. 

With Loop components integrated to task applications in Microsoft 365: 

  • You can create task lists via Loop components in Outlook and Teams and see them as a plan in Microsoft Planner. As a user of Microsoft Planner, you will be able to edit these tasks via Planner interfaces and the Task list components always stay in sync across the different surfaces they live.   
  • You can amend the title of the task, due date or even change the assignees of the task via planner interfaces.  
  • You can also leverage other capabilities like adding labels or adding notes that Microsoft Planner currently offers.  
  • All the users who have access either to the plan or are participants of the chat will have access to the plan itself. 
  • All users who are assigned a task will get notifications regarding assignment, as well as reminders about due date.   



View your assigned tasks in Microsoft To Do 

With Microsoft Loop integrated into task applications in Microsoft 365 you will also experience the goodness of task aggregation via To Do. 

  • For the task lists created in Loop workspaces, you will also see the tasks assigned to you in the ‘Assigned to me’ list of Microsoft To do. 
  • You can leverage the capabilities of your personal task management app to manage the Loop created tasks, like ‘Add to My Day’ or ‘add Notes’. 



Pretty cool, right? We can’t wait for you to start using Loop components with Planner and To Do, move these components around different surfaces including emails, chats or even Loop app! And do let us know what you think in the comments below or connect with us on Twitter and Facebook. You can also write to us at todofeedback@microsoft.com. 


Note: The task list sync of Loop components in Outlook email and Teams chats is available in Preview 


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