New personalization options on Microsoft To Do for Android
Published Aug 19 2022 02:24 AM 12.9K Views

When you move into your new house, you often make it yours. Whether it’s through the addition of indoor plants, sheer curtains, or an abstract painting that makes sense only to you – there is self-identification and creative expression in this endeavour.


We strive to bring this feeling to you through 3 new features on To Do on Android. There is a part of you in every choice you make, and these features will allow you to customize To Do to truly make it yours.


  1. Widget customizations

The To Do widget on your home screen is all about utility and style, all while keeping your tasks top of mind. The settings option on your widget has new customization options that enable you to set the transparency of your widget while also deciding on the font size for your tasks. Other options include showing task details (such due dates, reminders, recurrence, etc) and showing completed tasks. These options let you optimize for minimalism, or detail, or a unique combination of both.



Figure 1: Widget enhancements on Android


  1. Rich text for notes

Now, add context to your notes through text formatting options. Tap on a task to open its detailed view (figure 2) and then tap on the notes section to automatically open a new screen (figure 3). Here, you can add your text and use the formatting bar at the bottom to make choices about:

  • Heading, subheading, body
  • Bold, italics, underline
  • Bulleted/ numbered list
  • Links



3. Auto-suggestions for lists


Do you wish you had a grocery list that could write itself? Then worry no more because intelligent suggestions are here on To Do Android. For grocery lists, our algorithm will make intelligent suggestions based on the historical items you have added to the list. Simply tap on the suggestion to create a task from the suggestion – let us help you reduce the effort involved!


Point to note: This feature is present on all lists, but it is turned On by default for grocery lists and turned Off by default for other lists. The setting can be accessed through the list settings option, ie, the three-dot menu on the top right of the list screen.



Figure 4: Auto-suggestions for grocery list


Bonus: Special Marvel theme


If you’re a Marvel fan (honestly, even if you’re not), we have some awesome news for you. In addition to the usual colour and photo themes, there’s a special limited edition She Hulk theme that you can find on To Do – on Android and across other endpoints such as iOS and Windows as well. Tap on the list suggestions or three dots menu and from here, tap on Change Theme and then select Photo. The first photo in this list should change your theme to the She Hulk theme.



Figure 5: Marvel theme


We really hope you enjoy using these features and we hope to bring you many more!


We’d love to hear your feedback. Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook. You can also write to us with your thoughts on and we will get back to you. For feature suggestions, please tell us what you would like to see at Microsoft To Do · Community.



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