Microsoft To-Do for Mac is here!

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EDITED 23rd July 2019: The Planner integration is now available in our Mac app. You should be able to access your Assigned to Me list and also enable it within preferences.


Today, we’d like to announce the arrival of a new family member—that’s right, the moment many of you have been waiting for is heresay hello to the Mac app. Can’t wait to get started? Download it from the Mac App Store now, and then read on to find out more. 

The Mac app joins iOS, Android, Windows and web.The Mac app joins iOS, Android, Windows and web.


The To-Do app you know and love 

If you’ve already been using our app on Android, iOS, Windows, or web, then the Mac app will feel very familiar. Sign in and all your tasks will be waiting for you, ready to be checked off. You can work offline, add tasks to My Day, see your flagged email in your Flagged email list, and share your lists with colleagues or friends and family. The Planner integration isn’t available yet, but were already working on bringing the Assigned to Me list to you.  EDIT: You can now see your Assigned to Me list in the Mac app.

Keep your tasks in focus while you work with minimized viewKeep your tasks in focus while you work with minimized view

It’s all in the details 

Let’s get to the fun bits. Press 2 and To-Do will move into the minimized view so that all you see is the list view. Keep it on My Day to always have your tasks for the day on view. With To-Do on the side of the screen you can work on that budget in Excel or that essay in Word while checking off each step you complete. Turn the sound up loud, because of course that oh-so-satisfying ding is also in our Mac app. Want to go back to seeing all your lists? 1 will get you there. 

Want to edit a task? You don’t need to go into the detail view to do that in the Mac appyou can do it straight from your list view. Select the task you want to edit and then click on the text in order to edit the task name.  

See all the tags that you've previously usedSee all the tags that you've previously used

If you use tags then you’ll be very happy to know that we have a tag menu that will pop up whenever you type # in a list name. Using a productivity system like GTD (Getting Things Done)? You can add tags like #home #computer #work or #waiting to your task names and use the menu to quickly add these tags to future tasks. Click on the tag and you’ll see all the tasks with that tag name across all your lists.  


It’s all in the tech details 

If, like us, you like to look under the hood of the app, then you might love to know that we built a native Mac app using 100% AppKit 


So, that’s it from us. We’ll leave you to get acquainted with our newest family member. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below, or over on Twitter or Facebook. Have an issue? Send us a message in-app and our To-Do support team will be ready to help.  


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Correction. That ding sound is the first thing i disable ;p


This is great!  Can we get dark mode support as well?  Great work and looking forward to hopefully quick update releases.

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Looks like the Planner integration isn't working. Is that planned for the future?

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I can't get the app to sync properly; check this Twitter comment that I just wrote on the matter and its parent quote:
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Ok, so when are us Windows users getting the minimised view and the tag menu????


(While your at it, please give us a means to track projects (as in GTD projects))


@Will Wilson We will be working on dark mode!

@jeremyschoonover  The Planner integration isn't implemented yet but we will be working on including that as soon as we can. 

@pivic Can you get in touch with us in-app and we can take a closer look at why you're having sync issues. 

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Thanks, Polly! I heard from yourselves via Twitter; this to-do client isn't yet integrated with Planner, which explains my issue. Cheers.
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Thanks for your passion and attention to both details and your users' input. It's especially great that the app is native, unlike all that Electron-based cheap stuff that does appear around like mushrooms after the rain.

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Nice to see this finally coming out.  One of the most useful functionalities for me will be around email follow ups.  To that end in the Outlook for Mac app, if you could add the follow up flag to window where you compose an email that would be helpful.  Right now I seem to have to go back in to Sent items and add a follow up.


Also, when I'm using the custom date.....a pop up calendar rather than the scrolling date picker that you have would be good.





It seems i cannot login to it. I try to use my O365 account.


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We are an Office 365 shop and are using version 1.59 on the Mac. We appreciated the flagged Email view until we realized the "Open in Outlook" links only open Emails in the browser. We use the Outlook 2016 Mail client on the Mac. For those links (coming from the To-Do app) to open in the browser severely impedes the use case in such a way that the feature is practically useless for our Mac users. Is there anything we can do to resolve this feature gap? If not, is that feature planned for the future? If "yes", can we please get an idea as to when it is planned? To take advantage of the flagged Email feature is something we'd very much like to adopt, however there is little value for the feature as currently implemented. Please advise - thank you. Regards, Rique Santiestevan
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i like it 


Is there an ETA on the Planner integration? 

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I am trying to move off of Wunderlist to To-Do... I live in a MAC environment:


1. How soon can I print a table view of the todo list in either Outlook or in the To-Do App? (in Mac)

2. How soon can I view the calendar with the todo on the side in Outlook? (in Mac)



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Hello everyone!


Testing Microsoft To Do to streamline processes (not to just add another app or redundancies) within O365.  


How may I sync Outlook for Mac with To Do?






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Well, it is Jan 2020 and the "open in Outlook" link still takes you to the web version instead of the desktop app :(


Please guys, make this a priority for next release, lots of people are crying for it! I do! Pretty please?

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Hi, is there a way that the microsoft to do and mac reminder are one way sync? Meaning that, if i made changes on the mac reminders side, the changes made wont be shown on the microsoft to do list.

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Please add an option in Preferences to allow users to add the app icon to Menu Bar just like Wunderlist. That feature is one of the most important reasons why I use and love Wunderlist. Without the icon in Menu Bar, I would think the app is much less useful..


Where is the IOS widget that Wunderlist had? I'm disappointed....

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Would love to be able to integrate with Google Calendar so that I can have my due dates show as a feed or another calendar.  Would be really helpful to have this.  Was possible with Wunderlist.

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Not sure why the request to add a feature to let the application run as or run a menu bar widget was marked as "deleted"/"not applicable". In Wunderlist it was indeed a very helpful feature to make the app's capabilities easily integratible into one's daily workflow. 

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Please add Menu Bar functionality to TODo App.  It was on Wunderlist and it's greatly missed.  Reduces the number of clicks to access and close.  Thanks

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I agree with users before me, the widget, the menu bar icon, and the calendar integration were crucial in Wunderlist's functionality and hence are greatly missed after the move to To-DO. Pleaseeeee fix this x 

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