Introducing List Sharing and Steps in Microsoft To-Do
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Our goal for Microsoft To-Do is to provide a personal and intuitive way to help people stay organized and get the most out of every day. We’ve listened to your feedback and have added two of the most requested features: the ability to collaborate and share lists; and break down tasks into smaller steps or subtasks.

Share your To-Do lists with family and colleagues

We’re excited to introduce list sharing in Microsoft To-Do, which enables you to collaborate on common lists and tasks and achieve your goals more quickly. Whether you want to share a list of work items with your colleagues or a grocery shopping list with a loved one, To-Do makes it easy to collaborate and get things done together.


Sharing a list in To-Do is quick and easy: Just tap on the icon in the top right to get started. Once you’ve created an invitation link, To-Do will instantly bring up a list of your favorite text, email and messaging apps so you can share it with your colleagues, friends or family. If the receiving user has the app installed on their device, they will receive a notification inviting them to accept the list. In case the user does not have the app installed, they will receive an invitation to download To-Do from the corresponding app store.


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You can create shared lists for both personal and work scenarios. For example, a shared grocery list with your spouse or roommate that allows either of you to add items to the list, tap the items to cross them off the list and automatically update it in seconds. Now you can make sure that your grocery shopping is more efficient and just easier altogether. List sharing also comes in handy for work-related tasks, such as shared meeting agendas between a manager and a report or team meeting agendas.

Easily break down your tasks into smaller steps
For larger and more complex to-dos such as planning a trip, learning a new skill or preparing an executive presentation, sometimes it’s easier to take one step at a time to achieve your goal more efficiently. Our new “Steps” feature allows you to easily break down any to-do into smaller subtasks.  For example, you can create a task named “Monthly Newsletter” and add multiple steps such as “Finalize graphic design”, “Write draft copy” or “Translate newsletter into Portuguese”.


Adding a Step is easy: simply tap on a task in your list, then on the task detail view under the task name, tap “Add step” and add a name for it. That’s all there is to it! Add more Steps by tapping “Next step”. You can even reorder or delete Steps as your plans change, just like regular to-dos.


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As you complete each Step towards your goal, To-Do helps keep track of your progress. In your list view, beneath your to-do’s name, you can see how many Steps it contains, and how many you’ve completed. The number of Steps left to reach your goal is always visible, helping you stay on track, accountable, and in control.


We hope you enjoy using these latest features and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on new functionality you’d like to see in the product. You can talk to us via our in-app contact form, on UserVoice, Twitter or on Facebook.  You can also download Microsoft To-Do for iPhone, Android, Windows and the web.



When can I get List Sharing in To-Do?
The latest update of To-Do is rolling out around the globe today and will be available to everyone this week.

Can I share lists with anyone?
If you’re using To-Do with a work or school account, you can share lists to anyone within your organization. If you’re using To-Do with your personal account, you can share lists with anyone else with a personal Microsoft account.

Can I manage who joins my shared list?
Yes, head to this support article for more details





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