Add tasks to your To Do list right in the SwiftKey keyboard
Published Feb 18 2022 05:58 AM 12.8K Views

Whether it’s work or personal life, we constantly need to remember to do the things we promised. 


Switching apps in the middle of a chat to add a task might prevent you from keeping track of everything you need to do. To take away the effort of capturing each task, we integrated To Do in SwiftKey for Android. There are three ways for you to add tasks to your lists in To Do. 


A permanent button in the toolbar to open the To Do widget. You can use this at any time to add a task to your favorite To Do list. Simply tap it, add a title for your task, and save it. Additionally, you can choose a different To Do list or add a reminder.  


Manual Task Capture.jpg


A prompt to add a task to your To Do list when you copy something to your clipboard. No more need to paste it into the To Do app.  


Quick Task Capture.jpg


A new machine learning feature that automatically detects when you intend to do something. It then prompts you to add that task to your To Do list. Tap it once and you open the To Do widget right in the keyboard.  


Intelligent Nudge screen capture.gif


You can manage all of these tasks in the To Do app. 


We can’t wait to hear what you think about this new feature - let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter and Facebook. You can also write to us at

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