New Feature: Teams-Outlook Email Integrations

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Share to Teams is an Outlook add-in.

To use these new features you can use the already existing Teams Meeting add-in or will there be a new one?

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@AleksD I guess it will be a new add-in, but I'm not sure. I think we have to wait until mid-January when it starts to roll out.

@Linus Cansbythanks for your comment. Thats also my guess.

But i need to be sure, to prepare the collegues of the exchange department, espacially if its a new add-in.

@AleksD It is a new add-in in the outlook client in that case. 

Any idea when this add-in will become available, it's February 2020 and I can't find a download link or any more info about it. :(

Roadmap says Q1 2020 and Message center that the rollout should be completed early February.


So it should come soon, but maybe late February / early March is more correct.


According to Message Center there is nothing you need to do so there won't be a download, it will be updated automatic.

Hi @AleksD,


It looks like the first users having the capability (share to outlook) in their tenants. It is close :)


Share to Outlook from a #MicrosoftTeams chat/post, just showed up. Works well in the Windows Teams client not so much in Edge Chromium.

— Michael LaMontagne (@RealTimeUC) February 10, 2020

Hi @Paul Lange,


thanks for the information. Our tenant also get's the update with the new feature in Teams. What I am missing is the capability at the Outlook client. I think we have to turn on the new addin via Office Store or Exchange Admin Center?

This is only the beginning.
The Outlook Add-In will be launched later. Haven’t seen any messages saying when.

Hi @Paul Lange

the annoucement is in MC198124 or Roadmap ID=57389.

This feature "Share to MS Teams" of outlook integration is still not available - any Idea when will this be available?

Hi @Sekharms ,

the abilities for sharing emails to Teams and replying to teams missed activity will be rolled iut by mid-April. (Update in MC198124)

We are still not getting this option, do we know which version of outlook we need have? any specific requirements ?


Pls advise

@ChristianBergstrom thanks for the info.

Any update on this integration? Microsoft documentation suggests it should be live.

@ChristianBergstrom Have you heard any update on this over the last 2 weeks? I opened a case with Microsoft today, since the status still says "Rollin out"  in Q1, but it's still not available in the Outlook store.

@ChristianBergstrom It looks like it disappeared :)

@Rens Oosterbos Hi, yeah that one has been a mess :) See this conversation, I posted the entire Message center post as well.


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