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Hi Guys, 


Is there any plans to integrate a teacher grade book into teams. It seams it should be easy to simply collate the data from the assignments to do this without teachers having to export each assignment grade to excel and do this manually. 





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I think this would be great feature too. It would really help with "selling" Teams to staff

Hey Thomas, can you share any more details of what you're hoping for in Teams? Are you thinking grades from Teams should get sent to your gradebook in your Student Information System? Any more info would be great :) 

Hi Justin, 


Thanks for picking up on this. Below are a few ideas that I've thought of, I'm sure however that others will have far more insightful ideas than me!


I think it would be really useful when setting up assignments to be able to select individual assignments to auto populate a grade book page within teams. At the moment we have to export an individual excel file for each assignment. It is important that assignments can be selected to be included or not of this as I assign both formative and summative tasks and I don't want my formative assignments to count towards the final semester grade. 


The integration of Microsoft Forms would be really useful, so I can make quizzes in Forms, assign that quiz to a class and those grades could then also be automatically added to the grade book. 


Within the grade book it would be useful also if we could add a weighting for each assignment so a small quiz isn't worth the same as a large multi week project. 


The grade book tab should be visible and editable by all teachers assigned to the class so we can all collaborate and input grades.


Finally, it's important to be able to share grades and comments with students and parents to allow them to learn effectively from their experiences. So a student should be able to access their own grade book. Within the students grade book the grade could be displayed but if the student wishes to see the comments or the copy of the work submitted then that could be accessed directly by a link or expandable tab without them having to go back through the assignments tab to find their original work. The students could then be offered the ability to respond to their grade or the final comments given by the teacher by entering a comment. This would facilitate a grading conversation that can then be used by the teacher and student to really give personalised feedback.  


In terms of sharing grades I also find it very useful at a parents evening to be able to show the parents the grade book. So the ability to hide or obscure the grades of other students in the class would be really useful. Maybe a right click function on a students name saying 'hide all other students'. This would mean I can then show students or parents their child's grades without sharing the whole class data. 


So for me its more about having the features in Teams rather than integration with other platforms, although ultimately that would be great too. 


Many thanks



I am working on a Powerapp (Version 1 finished) to publish the Score to every Student. Not the Grade of an Assignment (Thats what Microsoft Teams already do) but a weekly updated Overview of the actual score. I created a Tutorial which is unfortunately only in German. The Solution is based on an Excelsheet which is synchronized with an sharepoint list. In Sharepoint list you can manage Permissions to every entry. The goal was to update the Excelsheet and then publish the score to the students. So they can only see their personal score. Maybe you want to check it out:


I agree, just being able to download the scores from all assignments in to on spreadsheet would be a massive advantage. At the moment each csv has to be downloaded and then linked to a master sheet to display the grades assignment by assignment. This would need to cover all the different ways that assignments could be created or graded eg total from a form.

Hi Rick - you can download all grades at the same time to excel TODAY :) 


Go to Assignments tab -> then click the Review button. At the top right it will say "Export to Excel". Have you tried this yet? 

I've just tried it and it works!  Thanks.


The formatting is a bit too simple and initially looks messy but being able to get them all in one spreadsheet is incredibly useful.

Thanks for adding the export to excel, its a step in the right direction.


I noticed a little while ago that categories were added so I can now tag assignments but it seems to be a bit of a placeholder as I can't actually search or organize by tags.


I think that if we could add weighting to categories (ex. a simple example might be assignments 75%, tests 25%) and then tag our assignment accordingly and then have a gradebook tab that would collate all the assignment data and spit out an overall mark. There would also need to be a way to omit assignments (ie. do not count them towards the calculation).


I really like Teams but the lack of an easy gradebook is causing me to debate going back to using Moodle. Moodle was a nice way to organize course content with a slick gradebook that students could access at any time. I think if Teams can get this functionality integrated, it would really be a killer app. A lot of teachers I know are using tools like Schoology or Freshgrade which all have their shortcomings but the big advantage is they have an online gradebook. Please make this happen, Teams is great otherwise!

I agree whole heatedly with you.  We are using a CMS and would much rather use Teams and have it integrate grades back to PowerSchool.  Currently we have all our class enrollments going into TEAMS. (So each teacher and student are enrolled in TEAMS based on the classes they are enrolled in via PowerSchool.) Not to have GRADES from TEAMS --> PowerSchool.  We would be SET!!

@Thomas Moores 


It seems to be available now in Teams. 
In the tab Assignments, go directly to review. Here you can find the Excel button which puts all scores and feedback in one sheet. 💪🏻

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That feature is not a gradebook, it is just the scores and feedback from one assignment. Teachers want to be able to see the scores for all of the assignments to compare the progress that pupils are making. The feature did exist for a short while but was removed. The assignments were added to a single table but there was no logical order to the tasks (not date or alphabetical)

@Justin Chando   I would love to be able to change the grading scale in teams.  My school does not use numbers to score work, we use words in a ratings scale.  


I love the criteria feature and have used it to mark work.  I  would love to be able to download that into the assignment report.


I would also like to be able to see one kids' work alone (not using one note).  I would like to be able to print a report of turned in and marked work per child.  

@Justin Chando


I was recently looking online to see how to export a mass spreadsheet of all existing marks from assignments on my Microsoft Teams page for my classroom.  I came across your reply to someone saying that if I go to the "assignments" tab and click on the "review" button that I could export a spreadsheet with all assignment marks collated.  However, when using Teams there does not appear to be a "review" button as you mentioned.  However, this post is 2 years old.  Perhaps Teams has changed since.  Are you aware of any current way I can export a collated spreadsheet of marks?


Thank you for your help


Jay Ewert

Arborg Early Middle Schoo

Evergreen School Division 

That feature with exporting all the marks into one sheet changed a while ago.  The new grade book is good if you use a number scale.  I don't, I use developing, proficient and extending as my grades.  I put them in the comment sections and then export each assignment into an excel file@jayewert 

@Michael LEITGEBHallo, vielen Dank für die Power APP und Anleitung. Gibt es mittlerweile eine weniger mühsame Methode um die Noten in Teams anzuzeigen? Ansonsten mache ich mich an die Berechtigungen erteilen Arbeit:unamused:.

@Michael LEITGEB Why Teams export decimal numbers as text column.  Screenshot 2022-01-07 152436.png