Students must be able to see all their assignments across all their Teams in one overview

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In the past students were able to see all their assignments, without the need to choose a specific Team at first. Even though this is a great feature to see it of one specific team, it must also be possible for students to see all the assignments they have, across all the teams they are a member of. When they are planning their study and college-year, they must be able to see at a glance which assignment is due in the near future (in chronological order) or which assignments still need to be done, without having to click back and forth between the different teams. It must be in ONE overview so they can see fast and easy which assignment (of which class or team) needs to be finished next or which things they still have to work. Student are mostly member of multiple-class teams and sometimes they have extra teams (like a specific course or extra courses). There should be an extra option on top of the list when they hit the Assignments button in the left pane of Teams, something like the attached screenshot...

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