Resetting dynamic view

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I'm having a few issues with the new dynamic view.


As a teacher I always use two devices in Teams meetings: device 1 for seeing my students, device 2 for sharing my screen and thus my OneNote notes with them.


Up until today, when I was sharing my screen with device 2, it always came up on device 1 as well, but I have been able to switch back to the gallery view to see my students again.


When I started sharing my screen from device 2 today, this shared screen took up most of of the screen on device 1 and I could only see my students as tiny thumbnails (video feeds or profile pictures) at the top. It was disappointing to see that I couldn't reset the view on device 1 and so I was stuck seeing my shared screen with my students' pictures minimized at the top. There is no sense in using two screens anymore if I can't see the gallery in the foreground.


Is there any way around this?

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