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Like so many other school districts, our Teams were auto-populated by data center operations according to our class rosters. I had 9 teams, but only 5 periods. Several of the teams had the ESE students in them, so my intention was to rename the core Teams and then  add the ESE kids into the appropriate class team, trimming my Teams list down to 5. First, I renamed 5 of the 9 teams I have and gave them all cute little icons to make them user friendly. I opened them up here at home with the desktop app and noticed the icons were gone. Then I closed the desktop app and opened Teams through Office 365 in the portal, the web app. They were all listed there as well (still no icons) ---for about 5 seconds, then the 5 renamed teams all disappeared. Yes, "right before my very eyes." Gone.  I closed the online app and went back to the desktop app. No luck. My renamed teams are gone. Any ideas? 

It's been over a week now. Data center said they thought they could pull them out of the Recylce bin, but found that they teams are still active. Well, I'm still not seeing them!

More troubleshooting ideas. What do the invisible teams have in common?

  • They were all renamed to begin with either 1st  Period, 2nd   Period, etc. (So did using a numeral on the front mess something up?)
  • I only added the extra name, I didn’t change the rest of the nomenclature, so all the missing teams end with the letter C.
  • I am the only teacher/owner on the missing teams, the teams that didn’t disappear have two owners, me and the ESE teacher.
  • I can see the missing teams in the listing that comes up when I click the Assignments button on the main menu bar to the left. (Well, that's interesting.)
  • I tried searching for the teams in the Search window that is offered in the Create/Join Teams window.  Nothing comes up.
  • I’ve rebooted every day.
  • I’ve logged out of Teams completely and logged back in.
  • I’ve cleared the cache on every browser.
  • I’ve tried a total of 5 different computers, 4 different browsers, in 3 different locations.
  • I ran a Powershell script at home that was supposed to clear the MS Teams cache files, rebooted, logged out and in. Nothing.
  • I have prayed and burned incense in front of my computer. WHAT THE HECK?!?
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