Live Events in Microsoft Teams

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I just have two quick questions:

1) I'm getting the error message to alert my IT department to enable Live Events.  I have just emailed them with that request.  Is it "rolling out" in phases, or is it widely available to all O365 schools?  I just want to be ready with the answer when they ask me for more info.

2) I have been hoping and waiting for the perfect platform from which to do weekly EdTech live webinars for my district staff.  This is something I want to do on my own, after school hours, so there was NO WAY I could pay for a service like Zoom or GoToMeeting.  Am I correct that this will fulfill that need - and my hopes & dreams?  With the capability to do screensharing and a side live-chat box, as far as I can tell I'm good to go.  (once IT turns it on, of course ;))


Thanks for your help

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Yes Teams live events can be used for your scenario. The preview of Live events in Microsoft Teams is not available in EDU Plans yet! We will share more details on its availability for education soon.

Where would the link be to schedule a live event? I think my plan should have this functionality now but I can't find any documentation on how to actually schedule a meeting.

Thanks Sonu. The link appeared about a week after my last reply, so I suppose it just hadn't been rolled out to my org yet.

Is there any updated news about using preview of Live events in EDU plans?