Introducing quizzes in Microsoft Teams for Education!


Hi everyone, I'm super excited to share the news! Today, we're adding even more power to your assignment workflow by integrating Microsoft Forms directly into Teams! Assessments just got easier than ever to distribute and grade. 

Check out the blog post for more info:


Let me know if you have any questions/feedback!


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Hi Justin

I'm quite new in Microsoft Team and all the Office365 platform, but I'm using TIC from ...many year. So let me express my impressions.

I'm working now with Team and I appreciate a lot Forms; but coming from the Moodle platform (and even Google, with his form), I think that the MS Forms is at the moment rather poor compared to Moodle Quiz and GForms, but it's improving very well :)

For example I appreciate the kind of question called "Ranking/Classificazione (italian), that doesn't exist in Google

It s a bit difficult to understand how to use in a quiz the Likert, or Rating or Date  and a brief explanation will be very appreciate.

it seems to me that are missing some useful kind of questions, like Cloze (I know, it's very difficult to implement it), and especially the "Association", 

How it's possibile to suggest some improvements? The Microsoft Help is a very big forest and like Dante is very easy to... perdere la retta via.

There is a specific website or a blog only about Forms?

Ok, thanks for your work and ... go ahead!

Ciao, Giorgio

Great feature, especially for those of us who remember class server, something that has been missing for a long time.
I made a video guide on getting started with quizzes in Teams which people might find useful when getting started.

Hi, thanks for your works, and I want to share some impressions about Forms as a quiz-creator for the students (escuse me if this is not the right forum.... & llet me know)


I'm using Form very often, and his very strange that there are some features very interesting (the feedback for the students, the review of all the assignments, unique or multiple choice...) that are very good, but the variety of question is quite poor. 

Do you think is useful a question where the students can puts his "like" as a stars? *** how to verify this? (and why?, yes for a survey is ok, but no more for a quiz!)

And what about the Date? You expect a question like "When Columbus discovered America...?" but is not possible...

And what are the others possibilities: Likert and Net Promoter Score?  Mistery...


Working in a school you need for example the "association" questions, that are more useful, or a "cloze"... and in this aspects Forms look for the moment very young... :(


Other problems.... (before I was a Moodle user....) it's possible to show the questions in casual order, but in the same question the multiple choice appear always in the same order :(   .... and you know the students; it's possible to modify?


When you update a quiz (and this happen very often when you teach!), the link you have assigned (created maybe some hour before...) is not updated... Ok, the philosophy is to associate a quiz with his answer, but when you have 4 or mor classes, taking the same quiz, the result is very confusing, a better way could be to store the questions and the answers of each students in the excel file, and not to multiply the initial Form...


Excuse me for the mistakes and... have a good week




hi, when I distribute the same quiz to multiple classes at once, juste on quiz is auto graded but the other not there is any solution ?

beacause I send quiz classe by classe to be auto graded.

please its urgent thank you.

@Justin Chando  Can I give quiz from Microsoft teams mobile app.