Importing an existing Class NoteBook into a new Team


I am trying to import an existing Class NoteBook into a new Team. I have been using the NoteBook with Students to share resources & enable them to upload evidence of research work into their individual One Notebooks for me to see. 

I have set up the Team however when I go to the Class NoteBook tab & select the option to use an existing Class NoteBook, it's only showing me the options to bring over the Collaboration & Content Library sections; I can't see a way for it to bring in the Student Notebooks. I asked about this at a Microsoft Teams event & was told that in theory it should work but to log it as an issue if it doesn't.


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Hi @DebDury we do not have the student sections in the Class Notebook import. We intentionally chose to not try and sync your student rosters from one notebook to another. 


One thing many educators do is store all of the student content in the Teacher Only section. This way you can re-distribute the content to students. This Class Notebook import was really designed for new class teams you're teaching and not meant to bring over a notebook mid-year that you didn't create in Teams.


Hi @Justin Chando , is there any plan to change the current policy. It is THE single most frustrating aspect of Teams that you cannot simply pick a notebook off the OneNote shelf and use it wholesale in Teams.

I get that you want an alternative, but would also imagine that many people (several colleagues here anyway) want just to be able to have a seamless transition from using onenote to using it within Teams without redoing lots of work.

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease can a workaround be generated?