How to create a page for students on how to get "Getting Started" into MS Sidebar

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In one of Jethro Seghers seminars for using MS Teams at universities, he mentioned creating a dashboard appearing for all students about how to start using MS Teams. 

Unfortunately, he just hinted and showed the idea but not how it is done. He requested if any would like to know about setting it up to contact him. But no email mentioned. 

I wonder if any one of you can provide some assistance on the "how-to" do the integration of a wiki page or app (as suggested by Jethro (see screen capture attached below) unto the side pane of MS Teams to allow new students to MS teams to become more familiar and quickly be on their toes.

This will be of a great saviour if it is done. I struggled a lot to communicate with students troubleshooting their problem, while they can do this by visiting the available dashboard on MS Teams. 

Many thanks 

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@obcad70 This looks like an implementation of the Home Site app which was announced during Ignite 2020 which has not yet rolled out. See this post by Tejas Mehta from Microsoft.