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Is there any way to get attention from students only with a "@" mention in a team which members are students and teachers ?

I would suppose that a "@students" exits...


Thanks !

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Hi @Arnaud BUNIET

Not currently. There is a uservoice available for exactly this right here

Would vote to push it up the agenda. Also, to raise this on any AMA that comes up in the future. This is a feature which would really enrich Teams where Slack has the ability to do this.

However, you could technically work around it by setting up a channel called students for the students, getting all students to favorite that channel and then @mention the channel

Whilst this is not optimal, it would mean that mentioning @students all students who have Favorited the channel would be notified. The downside is that this isn't easily governed and students can unfavourite the channel

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris