Best kept secret - New Class Insights(Preview) App

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The Class Insights(Preview) App must be one of the best kept secrets of Microsoft Teams for Education. See the Microsoft article here for more information. The stats dashboard that you get is amazing! Why this has not been touted more by Microsoft I don't know.

This app is added as a tab in a Class Team but is only visible to the teacher. When adding a new tab, you are presented with various apps. Type "Insights" in the search box to get hold of the Insights(Preview) app and add it. (See image below)


Once installed, you are presented with a Student/time grid of student activities, with the time spent indicated by a line on the grid. What is not immediately apparent, is the kind of detailed information you can get on what the student did during that time. Just by hovering over the line, you get detailed information on the exact activities the student was busy with. (See snapshot below)



This is the kind of information that teachers need to see how much their students are engaging with the online platform.

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@Marius Pretorius I'd interested in hearing from educators about practical applications of this tool. For example, which of the functions of INSIGHTS are the most useful and why.


@sfisher For starters, the Analytics in Manage Team only gives general information. With Class Insights you can get individual information about specific users.

Whilst this is a great feature for individual teachers, what would be even better to have would be school level insights to be able to look at different year groups of students or subjects to identify trends across the school or cluster of schools