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Hello community, we are looking for a way for students to see all their assignments across different Classes/Teams all in one space, preferably in a List or Calendar view.  We've played with Planner, but ideally we're looking for an integration that will push all assignments that teachers give into the Calendar on Teams.  Is there anything like this available?

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Hi @T_Burns 


Here how I've done it:

1. Create a calendar in SharePoint for one of the teams and copy the URL.

2. Create a calendar tab in all relevant Teams and use the same URL.


Any change in one of the calendars will be reflected in all.


Hope that helps:)



Have you already found a solution? @T_Burns 
We have exactly the same problem, and if I understand you correctly, the two previous answers do not include the solution.
Every student has a team for every subject. Assuming the student goes to his assignments in the Maths team on the General channel, he only sees those of Maths. 
If he goes to Assignments via the selection on the left, he has to select the team first and will only see the assignments of one subject. 
We are looking for a solution where the student can see all assignments at a glance, if possible in a calendar view. Just like Google Classroom offers.


@Tobias_Metzger My sincere apology. I'm going to retract (delete) my previous post. You are correct in that with the Assignments on the left you first have to choose the Class (Team) and then see only the assignments in that team.

I am almost sure that previously it showed an integration of assignments across all Teams (classes) when you chose the Assignments button on the left - sorted by due date. Unfortunately, it is not so at the moment.

So, as far as I know, there is no solution yet. Maybe @T_Burns has found a solution.

@T_Burns@Tobias_Metzger please vote for these ideas at the Microsoft Teams User Voice and get as many as possible to support it. Microsoft looks at how many votes an idea has. Let's get their attention:



I would love this too. I think what I am going to have to do is just create a shared calendar somewhere and let/make the students create their own...that is an active learning assignment I guess...

This needs to happen soon - a nightmare for school users not being able to see it in a calendar view. 


This still hasn't been implemented?



@esburns Because MS is awful.  If it was not being forced upon me by my district...Remember Word was not compatible with WordPerfect....

@T_Burns It's been two months, any update?

I had just posted the exact same point (this thread did not come up when I looked - spotted it immediately after posting, typical!) - I have directed that post here.

It seems such as basic oversight not to have 'view all assignments' built in.

how do i become a teahcer@T_Burns 

@Mr_Bur Looks like they have since fixed that but now it is a nightmare for me to find a specific assignment for a specific class.  Not helpful while trying to process grades.  Too many extra clicks to drill into each Teams' assignments.



@T_Burns Just wanted to update this thread. We are tracking this request here We are actively working on this, and will update the User Voice request when we are ready to ship this out.



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