Link to Microsoft Stream API documentation


I understand from this update that there is now a set of APIs available for Microsoft Stream. Can anyone assist and point me to the documentation for this. 


Is this the correct documentation. We have a requirement to migrate our automated Office 365 Video upload processes to Stream.




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There is not yet a public API for Microsoft Stream as I understand it.  It's set to be available later in the year, 2018 Q4 according to the Office 365 roadmap though on the feature breakdown it mentions 2018 Q2/Q3 as estimates.

Thanks Cian


I understand the challenges but as the year commences my expectations are that delivery dates should be able to be narrowed down to a firmer set of dates from those laid out at Future Decoded and the Tech Summit.   I am finding this issue frustrating.

Sure, some further clarity would be helpful, I haven't seen any recent updates on the transition from Office 365 Video to Stream.  There has to be a replacement for the Office 365 Video REST API in Stream for the transition to progress is how I read it from here - Office 365 Video will transition to Microsoft Stream in time for phase 2.

We haven't been able to start on the Stream REST APIs yet. I'm hoping we start in Q3/Q4. I need to update the feature break down list as it's out of date with the public roadmap for a few things we are delayed on. 


Is there any further update on timing for the release of APIs for Stream?  We are putting together our schedule for implementation of O365 across the company for next year, and would like to have the Stream integration done in conjunction with other roll outs.  thank you,

Re: Link to Microsoft Stream API documentation


I am following up this query within this thread here - 


@Marc Mroz - I can see from this post (see below) that access to the Stream API is now available. I cannot seem to find any documentation around this. 


We have some key processes within Office 365 Video that we need to transition to Stream.  We will need to develop replacement upload processes and rewrite our current applications. Can you confirm that the APIs are in place? 


Can we obtain details around when our tenant will transition over from O365 Video to Stream? 


Link to Stream Features List


Hi @Cian Allner Is microsoft stream api documentation available now ? If yes then please share the reference link.

Any news? This is getting a bit ridiculous...

@vish888 - Also keen to have more information about APIs documentation, to ingest analytics data from MS Stream for dashboards using Power BI.

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The current roadmap has public Stream API being introduced Q4 2020:

@ty0101 Hello, I have the same question, and can't find API for MS Stream.
As I can't find the roadmap item 25197, it seems the roadmap has changed !
I can see that Microsoft Graph sould be the right way here :
But if i'm correct Microsoft Graph doesn't mentionned Stream.
Can you guide me to the right documentation ?

@Craig Stanley  We just checked again with Microsoft and here is there statement:


Microsoft Premier Support Engineer:

"I understand that you are curious about the availability of an API for use with your Microsoft Stream subscription due to the imminent move from Office 365 Video to Microsoft 365 Stream. Unfortunately we do not have a set date for the general availability of the REST API for Microsoft Stream, and the only documentation that I have available to offer more information are the following articles. The new Microsoft Stream - Microsoft Stream | Microsoft Docs and Video REST API reference | Microsoft Docs  Certainly understand if this does not satisfy your initial inquiry, but that is all of the information that I would have available at this time regarding the availability of a Stream specific API."


Very "Cart before the Horse" to force conversion from video to stream on March 1, 2021 and not have an API as of 1/28/2021. 

Looking at this the API has not been released yet. I would like an API or PowerApps Connector to pull stream likes, transcript search, views and other meta data related to the video content.