Viewing a Teams/Stream Video from a meeting invited to but didn't attend

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How do I view a Teams meeting recording from a meeting I was invited to but didn't attend. I've tried the following after the meeting finished. An attendee confirm that the meeting was recorded and it appears in their meeting chat.


- Searched the meeting chat (just shows the point where I joined the meeting and nothing before)

- Searched Stream using the meeting title - no results


Many thanks


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@MichelleAPS The person who starts the recording is the one who own the video. It is send to this guy stream. Normaly, the video will appear in the chat section after the end of the meating. But it can be delete by the owner. Hope it will help.

Hi @GabrielMethot thanks for your reply. The video hasn't been deleted as those who attended the meeting can still see it in the chat. Although I was invited to the meeting I was unable to attend in real time so was hoping to just go into the chat afterwards to catch up. This doesn't seem possible to do that, so I take it the owner has to distribute.

@MichelleAPS I have the same issue. Have you found any solution to this yet? Or is there anyone else who knows?

Hi CatherineP, don't know if you've already discovered this or not but there seems to have been a recent update. Today a meeting took place that I was invited to but didn't attend. At the end of the meeting I received a notification in my Teams Chat from that meeting and it contained the recording. This is great news and looks like this is the resolve we've been waiting for!

I'm an administrator for our tenancy too and it's not required anything to be setup for this update.

@MichelleAPS This has been happening to me with the latest meetings as well! I thought maybe it had something to do with the setting "Unmute meeting notifications". I turned this on in the hopes that I would still be part of a meeting chat, even though I was not part of the meeting. Have you done any changes to this setting?

@CatherineP no I haven't changed any settings at all. I also checked with another user to make sure it wasn't just me that had the access and they confirmed that they can see the meeting recording when they didn't attend either. So looks like it's been a general change/update.

This has been a long time coming and a very welcomed change...made my day :)

@MichelleAPS same thing happened to me today - and I seem to have found the weirdest workaround:


so I missed a meeting, even got an email notifying that the video was shared, but when I open Teams I see the meeting but nothing in it - no chat, no nothing.


I clicked "pop-out chat" and voila - all the chat contents are there, including the video !


Teams team - you guys have amazing features, and the cutest bugs too! :)

@urido I agree that's a "cute" bug :flushed:. Feel free to open a support ticket to Teams on this issue, use the in product feedback (? help > Give feedback) or post this in the Teams forum here on Tech Community. I'm guessing Teams would need some logs via a support ticket to try and track down what that issue could have been. Sorry!

@CathrineP  this seems to have stopped working now. Had an instance today where a member of staff could not access the recordings, despite them accepting the meeting invite. To resolve now this is what we have to do - which is a bit of an inconvenience.


  • someone who attended the meeting needs to go to the meeting chat and click the participants (top right) and the click the 'add people'
  • search for the staff to add and choose the option to 'Include all chat history'
  • This is then confirmed in the meeting chat that they have been added
  • then just tag the member of staff in the actual meeting chat

@MichelleAPS thanks for the reply - I missed an important meeting last week, so tried your suggestion, but the person who attended and who followed your instructions got an error message:



Possibility is they don’t have permission to add to the meeting. Also was the person who they were trying to add originally invited to the meeting?