Stream video processing too slow

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I recorded a 20 minutes video in the morning and after 3 hours is still not processed and uploaded in Stream. Thats to slow. Is there a problem in the servers today ? Cause I should use other software


ps1 Right now its 5 hours still not processedstream.PNG


ps2 At least the process started its still 0% but i have hope


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I have exactly the same problem today. But it processed a video rather quickly a few weeks ago. I am hoping it is a busy server day and will quickly resolve itself.



I'm also having the same problem!

More over when me or my classmates try to record the lecture after some minutes the recording stops.

I have the same problem from yesterday.

Our entire school is depending on the streaming channel these days and it's starting to crash. Hours to process videos that finally doesn't work: Problem with your video...

Please, is it possible to solve it? Or maybe we will need another software to make this...



I am looking for any tips....This is a CRUSHING issue in my work. I am worked many hours unpaid over time due to this issue. I am uploading 1hr videos. I have tried uploading from my PC to Stream and from a SharePoint page in the same tenant. WORSE withing tenant!!!!  It takes more the 8hrs and disrupts all my work. It times out and crashes often, so I have to run an app in the background of my PC to keep it alive and always do this overnight. I Have high speed internet and ZERO other devices running. Stream upload is the only place that this is slow. I can upload and drop this very same file across any other 365 app in seconds. I need this addressed immediately. There is no help in documentation for Stream uploads. I am running Live events that MS decided can't auto upload to the entire thing is a bit insane. I get that it's blob and a different type of storage, but the process needs to be upload in a second and then MS does the rest in the background without involvement of my PC ticking at glacial speeds. I am 4 hours in and only at 18%....

I look after Office 365 systems for my organization and I am getting a lot of complaints about this. I am told one teacher had to wait 16 hours this weekend for her video to process and it was only 20 minutes long. Many users are moving away from using Stream because of this. They are putting videos in Vimeo and YouTube and this is not ideal from a systems management perspective. It would be great if users could schedule processing for slower times, but the processing time really should be addressed. Thank you.