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We  plan to migrate all of our organization's videos to MS Stream by Q1 2018.

We will create groups shared with all the organization and channels in these groups.



- Is it possible to select specific channels and to flag them as "featured" or "trending" to force their display on the homepage?

- Is there a way to customize the Carousel banner with specific contents? 



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Regarding your second point : it is possible for a Stream administrator to select up to 5 videos (called spotlight videos) to be displayed in the carousel banner.

This feature is currently hidden, but can be tested if it has been deployed on your tenant : see point #9 in this post

As mentioned above we do support highlighting/spotlighting up to 5 videos on the home page of stream. We don't have support for spotlighting groups/channels, sorry.


Would be great for you to add that idea to the idea forum: http://aka.ms/StreamIdeas


For the spotlight videos, we'll be turning this feature on fully in the coming weeks. But we did enable it to be tried out.


As a Stream Admin if you go to this URL you can set the spotlight videos: https://web.microsoftstream.com/admin?AdminSettingsV2=true&AdminSettingsSpotlight=true&DataUsageRepo...


After you set them, then any user can see the spotlight videos in the home page.