Downloading others videos in Microsoft Stream

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How can I download a video that another team member has created in Microsoft Stream?  We are working as a team to create videos using screen recording software in Microsoft Stream then download and move the videos to our LMS platform (Moodle).  I only see options to download video's I've made when I need to be able to download the content creators videos so I can upload to the LMS.  Any ideas? #MicrosoftStreamScreenRecord #MicrosoftStreamTeamDownload

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@stephanieserblowski  To download a video you have to be a global tenant admin or a Stream admin or an owner of a video! Either your colleague makes you the owner too or you create a new group in which you and maybe others are owners, assign the video to this group, click owner to make the group an owner and every group owner (and when the member switch is on, every member) could download the videos.