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Hi! I created some videos in my stream and need to download them as either a .mp4, .mov, or .avi type of file. Right now it's only downloading as a .webm file. How do I fix this?

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@kbaker765  You can not choose the format you want to download a video in Stream. It downloads the format you or the tool has uploaded. You have to do the conversion on your computer with a tool to mp4!

The valid Input formats you can find here:

Matroska/WebM (.mkv) is listed!

Downloading from Stream in .webm format makes the file useless to add directly to a Sway. Sway will not accept a .webm file as a 'drag and drop' or as an embed. As an example, if I create a screen recording in Stream I cannot directly use it in Sway because it only downloads as a .webm. Surely the incompatibility is an oversight? @kbaker765

Howdy!! quick solution would be to trim a part of that video like 2 seconds within microsoft stream and then try to download it again. This time it downloads in mp4 format. 

It worked for me. Hope it works for you. Thanks

@Tomislav Karafilov That is a strange limitation. The entire world uses MP4 - why would our buddies at MS choose .WEBM? There has to be another way...

@kbaker765 Thank you for the tip! It worked! @microsoft, surely this is something that you should be able to fix. 


Yup. That worked for me! (Now who would have guessed ...?)

Great suggestion and easy fix!! How in the world did you stumble across that solution?

Yes - this worked for me too - great find. @TroyK26 

@Skyfalls65, that is a brilliant solution. Thanks for point it out. :)
It worked for me thanks. However, be cautious this solution has a flaw as well. I've had an original portrait aspect video and after trimming it expands to landscape with black bars and as a result, it experiences a severe drop of quality. Whew...

@Erwinas try Duo Video Converter, which is a free download from the MS store to convert the file to MP4.

@georearl @Erwinas Second the Duo Video Converter app. I use this all the time to trim and edit video recordings out of MS Teams that are auto created by Stream. And bonus - Duo gives some general easy video editing features as well.