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Could record/capture the screen at once and later give the voice over to it separately?


Also, could we get a an option of editing the session which is already recorded once - replacing a particular step/part with another part.

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@Pooja_Sugandha Both scenarios for downloading the video and doing the editing or the voice over with an other tool. I used the Windows 10 Video Editor for this!

Unfortunately you can only download the mp4 version of the video if you were the user to upload it, otherwise it is .webm format that cannot be edited in Windows Photos.
Right, so it's In web format and I am unable to edit in video editor. Cant we download it in the format supported by videos editor? could you suggest any alternative solution
Do we have any alternative method available where we can download the videos from Streams in another format which is supported by video editor

Do we have any update? I have already introduced Streams in my department and they are on the verge of finalizing this tool, just awaiting the answer on Video Editing part, could you please quickly suggest any alternative method if we have any for editing and replacing a particular part of video
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The easiest way to edit the video would be to do so before uploading. Alternatively, if the recording is of a Teams call then the user who initiates the recording (or maybe the person that creates the call) can sown load an mp4 version of the file to edit it.
There are probably video editors that can do webm videos.
I use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video editing.
I use Adobe Premiere and After Effects for video editing and Kinemaster for Smastphone

You can download and edit the video screen recording using any video editing software you like. If you’re not a professional, I suggest you choose something simpler, so you don’t waste too much time learning how to use the program. I use most of the time because it’s not complicated, and I know how each feature works and what I can use it for. It’s much better for me than any adobe editors because they are too professional and complicated. There’s also a standard Windows Movie Maker video editor. It’s the simplest of the programs I used, and it might also be good for simple projects.