Using AAD security groups for controlling permissions to channels / video

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I've been trying to figure out how to use AAD security groups (not O365 enabled groups) for controlling access to videos. Does it support AAD sec groups? 


Seems I can set the AAD sec group via People dropdown on a specific video, but I cant seem to be able to the same on a Channel ?


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@Johan Lindroos - In Stream, channels don't have any permissions. The channels can be one of the following:

  • Company-wide - in this case you can only add videos that have company wide access to these channels and anyone in the company can view/add to these channels
  • Group Channels - in this case the channel is a part of the Group and inherits permissions from the Stream Group.

In your case, the only thing you can do today is add the security group to the People tab but you can't add it to the channel or Group with that.

I really hope for the channel permissions to be supported for other than just O365 groups

We're going to need support for AAD groups or migration from Office 365 Video is going to be a giant mess.

Is there any update on this?  How am I supposed to trim permission to a video without support for AAD security groups that we use for all other assets?

Today in Stream you can permission an individual video by any combination of users, AD security groups, and O365 "modern" groups. To add an AD Security group on the video upload/edit screen, in the "Permissions" section, switch the search drop down to "People," then you can add a user or an AD security group.


For the O365 Video migration to Stream, we will create a special new type of group called a "Custom Stream group" that is NOT tied to an O365 Group. This allows us to migrate in the O365 Video channels one for one into Stream and move over owner, editor, viewer permissions including AD security group. Your O365 Video channels will become "Custom groups" in Stream.


We are also exploring the ability to allow you to create new "Custom Stream groups" which aren't tied to O365 Groups from Stream itself outside of the migration. When we do this, then there will be a way at a group level to assign AD security groups as owners, editors, viewers of the group. We don't have a timeline yet for when we'll do this work, but hoping to get it in the coming quarters.

Still waiting on this fix. It's baffling that security groups aren't simply the global solution for managing group permissions.

I support this request 200%. We need to be able to set security on the channels using AD Security Groups, this should be basic functionality...

Is there any update to adding Custom Stream groups? Just starting to investigate migrating away from another video provider. We already have all the security groups we need in AD, no sense in recreating them as O365 groups to confuse the issue.


I answered on the other post as well. But answering a slightly different question here. O365 Groups team had on their roadmap at Ignite that they are investigating "Group based O365 group permissions" which would include support for adding an AD security group to an O365 Group. If/when O365 groups infra team supports this we'd be able to take advantage of it in Stream.


But we are still looking into what the right option is around "Stream only groups", but that project got delayed, but is still high on our list to come up with a solution to those pain points you mention above.


FYI: @Mike McLean (OFFICE)

I really hope this will be solved soon one way or the other.


We have a couple of customers that want to use Stream to upload videos for their Intranet and be able to create a company wide channel that everyone at the company can see but only the Intranet editors should be able to add/delete videos from the channel. 

please please please move this up in priority. The fact that a channel can have only "company wide" videos or "O365 Group" videos is crap. This does not lend itself to enterprise grade solutions.

Like others that have responded, it is crucial to my organization that the ability to use Active Directory Security Groups to manage permissions in Stream is implemented ASAP! 


Until this happens, we will continue to use SharePoint Asset/Video Libraries or MS Video.  The problem with the former is that it is not streaming technology and the problem with the latter is that it will be migrated into Stream and who knows the details on what the experience will be.

Definitely still a desired feature. We think some of our use cases can be handled by converting 365 groups to dynamic groups (this seems to work fine in testing with Stream) but fortunately we have all the Azure Active Directory Premium licenses to do that.

@Marc MrozWhen this rolls out will Stream be able to inherit permissions from SharePoint groups? If not does something like this exist outside of Teams? We are searching for a way to manage a channel with a very large, dynamic permission group.

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@Geoffrey Bronner 

Could you test that dynamic M365 groups will work, for me it did not work.