Trouble with adding multiple subtitle files to a video

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I have a video on my company's Stream, and it had English subtitles I had uploaded via a VTT file. All was working fine. Tried to add a second subtitle file for Simplified Chinese, also with a VTT file. I could select the Chinese option after I added it, but it would not play the captions. Messed around trying deleting and re-adding the files, changing the English to a caption (vs. subtitle). Now the video won't display any subtitles in any language, even though I have both VTTs uploaded and both options are visible under settings. Did I just mess around too much and now I have to wait for it to catch up, or do I need to delete and re-upload the video? Any tips would be great.

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I've done some experimenting with a 2nd video, and it seems that the player will only recognize the first .vtt you upload (whatever language) and not any subsequent ones. Flaw in the system? How has this not been a problem for anyone else?