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Hi All,


My organisation would like to host a live event but we don't seem to have the functionality on our Stream? Is there something you have to enable to be able to have this available? I am an admin and even I don't have this. We are based in the UK if that helps?



Tom O

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It should be on by default at this point I beleive, there is a admin setting for it, but admin's should be able to create anyway.
Assume you have one of these licenses assigned to you as well? Enterprise (E1, E3, E5), Education (A3, A5)

I believe we have E3 licenses. I will speak to some people on my end a dig a little deeper.

Thanks for your help!

The Stream admin, would need to give permission to users to be able to create "Live Events" as I believe this setting is enabled by default.  Hope this helps.


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@Scott Tupper  If that setting is off does that mean any can create a live event?

Found the answer and it appears to be a yes

Any other thoughts 

I have an O365 A3 faculty license but a I've been given in that a Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU

Hello @Chris Webb , we have added permission to the account for live stream but still the option "Create > Live Event" is missing. We have MSFT 365 Business Standard license, could that be it?

Yes, To Create Live Events you must have an E or A3/5 license.