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My company had email accounts with different domains (.com, .net, .in).So we created a group (distribution list) and trying to share microsoft strem video with custom option to that group. Unfortunatley it is not storing those access permissions and group members not getting access to that video.

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Hi mnks:


Thanks for reporting the issue.  Can you get us some more details to help us accurately debug the issue?


1. What was the original tenant domain you signed-up with - .com, .net ?

2. Are all the members in the DL not getting access to the videos or people in the same domain as the owner of the video have access?

3. If you add specific members from the same domain (as the video owner); are they able to access the video or not?


Let us know and we will be glad to help you with this.




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Thanks for your message.  This question potentially has two factors. 


First, considering that your company has different domains (.com, ,net, .in), you will need to ensure that they are all aliased to the same tenant.  Your tenant admin can ensure that this is done correctly.


Second part is the distribution list - Microsoft Stream supports permissions based on Security Groups, so you can achieve what you are looking for using a SG created in your organization.  If you wish to see distribution lists supported, please add this to the ideas section.

This off topic, Sorry. 

I have no problems with getting Microsoft up-dates however, they "the up-dates")  default to Microsoft excel. I am kind aware that the files need to be transferred from text to CVS/ Please help i thing they should be going to C:/ drive and or, program files 86


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