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I've uploaded a number of videos.


Is there a way to select many at once to add to a group?


All I can see is a way to add them one by one. 


The same seems to be true for publishing, deleting, adding to channels, adding to watchlist, or really anything. Is there a way to do any of these to multiple videos at once?


Thanks for your help

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Sorry we don't have any way to do bulk actions on multiple videos at the same time. 


If you upload videos brand new and drag them all to a group / channel we'll default the permissions/location of the videos to that group/channel. But after the fact unfortnutally we don't have any way to do this in Stream.


Please add your votes / comments to this idea in the forums:


So.... Now that I have 300 videos up, is there a way for me to at least delete them all and start over, uploading them to a specific group? (Or maybe even reset my Stream account?)


@Bill Kimzey - Let me send you a private message and see if we have any options to help you out.

Hi there!


Has it come to a good solution for mulitple deletetion yet?

@Marc Mroz  Our school is having a similar difficulty with managing/ deleting bulk videos. If there is a work-around, we would be most appreciative.