School Data Sync and Stream Storage

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Hi, currently my school uses School Data Sync to create private Office 365 Groups which appear in Stream for each class. This is working well, as it's the ideal collection point for videos for assessment. However, as we are nearing the end of the year, we are concerned that by resetting School Data Sync, we might accidentally destroy all the videos stored within a Stream Group of the same name. This would be particularly bad with our Year 11, 12 content which needs to stay for a couple of years. So my question is, how is Stream Storage affected by a Reset of School Data Sync, is anything destroyed? kind regards, Brad
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Hi Brad, I was able to get a quite detailed answer on your SDS question. Hope this is helpful, it is from our SDS product team. Thank you! "SDS doesnt have any ability to delete groups or their content today. At term transition periods, SDS offer 3 cleanup actions - class renaming to marked the groups as expired, archive teams to make the teams read only, and remove student access. None of these actions will remove any content, however the remove students cleanup action will remove access to class content associated to the group. The school or district can choose to run any/all of these actions, or take no action at all to cleanup classes. At a minimum we reccomend class renaming, if they create new classes of the same names, with new rosters. Otherwise it gets confusing to IT for directory management, and for teachers that might be associated to classes (old and new) of the same name."