Safari won't play embedded videos.

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Today I found out that Safari is not playing my embedded Microsoft Stream videos.


This is only happening with Safari. Is anyone having the same problem?


Disabling cross-origin restrictions didn't work.

Deleting cache, restarting browser also didn't work.


I discovered that if I load a .html locally to Safari it does play, but from a server it won't play.


Any ideas/solutions?




Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.28.16 AM.png

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@towrz  I, too, unearthed this problem recently. I found that if I  disable the Safari Setting called Prevent Cross-Site Tracking, it works just fine.  I have a Microsoft Premier Support Ticket in on this topic and will update when I find out more, as my hope is not to have to change an iPhone setting for 100,000+ users.

Yes this is a setting in browsers where they block 3rd party content just like the warning says.  More and more browsers are blocking 3rd party cookies so you might want to check settings.  Otherwise those embedded experiences will fail, you have a link to the video page up on and then people can play directly up on the site.  


I have also seen you can add [*.] as a site which is allowed to do 3rd party cookies.