"This video is not ready, please try again" error when accessing a published recording


I recorded a session but I am not able to get the recording for that session.

I get this message as shown below.

"Something is wrong with this video
Please try again or contact support "

Please assist as I need the video as its very critical for a specific partner engagement we worked on today.


When I go to the Teams meeting page in Teams app, it shows that the recording has been published, however I am not able to access the recording.


Please advise.

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I'm following up with you offline to get more info on what is happening. I haven't heard of this in general so we'll have to dig into what's going on.

@Marc Mroz : Did you follow up on this and resolve it with the OP? I'm having the same issue with a recording from a meeting that I recorded in Teams yesterday. It was a collaborative meeting with other teams, so I'd like to resolve so that the video can be shared.

Feel free to reach out to me outside of the thread.

@Sivakumar Venkataraman 


I've got the same issue, did you get it resolved?