Office365 licensing required for Stream administration?

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Just want to confirm that we need to get Office365 licensing (E3 for example) for our administrator accounts so that we can manage Stream.  I logged into the Stream site with my global tenant admin account and got prompted for a 90 day trial.  It appears that after this trial period, I wouldn't be able to go the Admin settings anymore without assigning a license to this account.  This doesn't make any sense as it would be equivalent of having to assign licenses to an administrator account to manage SharePoint, OneDrive, Exchange, etc.  I don't want to assign administrator access to my "regular" account as that would violate our company's security policies.  Can anyone confirm that I'm not misunderstanding this requirement?

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@RangerTim Stream service itself enforces that a user must be licensed. You have no other option than assigning your admin account a license that includes Stream. You could do this temporarily i.e. assign license, execute the admin activity and un-assign the license.


This is a common issue whereby many M365 services enforce user account license. Have a look here for more detail.