Migration from Classic - redirects not works and videos are not deleted from Classic

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I start the test migration of a few containers to Sharepoint.

Videos are migrated correctly, but old videos are still visible on Stream Classic, and redirects don't work!





Does someone have a similar issue? 

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Yes, we are experiencing similar issues as well.

From Microsoft: July 4, 2023 


Some videos aren't being hidden in Stream (Classic) after they are migrated & redirection from old link to new link isn't working | Fix estimate: September 30, 2023 - After videos are migrated they're suppose to hide from Stream (Classic). Anytime you navigate to the old link or embed code for a migrated video it should redirect to it's new location in OneDrive or SharePoint However, in certain cases this isn't happening. Also, sometime the migrated destination URL isn't populated in the inventory report due to the same root cause. During our investigations, we've discovered multiple bugs that result in these same symptoms. We have already fixed several of these issues but we're working to fix the remaining known issues.


Source: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/streamnew/migration-tool-release-logs#migration-tool-known-...