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I recently migrated all my recorded lectures for my genetics class from office mix to microsoft stream.  I am currently in the process of changing all the embedded links in my online class for students to view the lectures to to the microsoft stream addresses.  My students are telling me they can't view the lectures and are getting the following error message:


"This video isn't available. There's something wrong with the video id for this page"


I checked and the videos are published.  I would like to set the "permissions" to "anyone with the link" so that my students are able to view the lectures on our LMS (Moodle).  The best setting I could find was "anyone in our company."  But I am not sure what that means.  Anyone with a PCC Microsoft school account?  I don't think all our students would have that account.  I had a student tell me she was unable to view the video when I chose that setting anyway. 


How do I set the permissions so that anyone can view the video?


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Today in stream every person viewing a video has to have a stream license (o365 or standalone) you can't mark a video so anyone in the world can see it.


We have on the roadmap "public anonymous videos." When we do this feature if enabled in your tenant you'd be able to grab embed codes and users could watch without having a login.

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Thanks for the response. I hope the change is sooner rather than later. I have been really spoiled with office mix. I love how you can edit your recording by individual slide. I have access to Kaltura screen recording, which is super easy to upload to my course, but not easy to edit. If the issue is in the middle of the recording, I basically have to do the whole recording all over again to fix it. Currently I am exporting to video the recordings I made with office mix, then uploading them to YouTube, then embedding the YouTube codes in my course. Very tedious. Plus I don’t like the commercial aspect of YouTube (I don’t think my students should have to watch commercials before seeing the lecture). I really miss being able to upload the recordings to office mix and then embedding the code in my course.