How to share video recording to external using Microsoft stream

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How can I share video recording to external using Microsoft stream?

I find myself as video owner cannot add more email addressed under Update Video Detail - > permissions.


Please advise.


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@Patrick_lky Hi, this isn’t possible at the moment, if your asking can you share videos externally, this is on the roadmap, due towards the end of the year (Q4) though:


Microsoft Stream: Public anonymous external video sharing


Allow individual videos in Microsoft Stream to be marked for external public access allowing people to view the videos without a login. Stream admins will be able to control if this feature is enabled and who within the organization can make videos publicly available.


Just to add, it’s not clear if the above feature will allow you to add external email address to provide access to particular guests only, you’d think that would be an option.  


This link also provides a bit more context:


This error occurs because Stream can't currently share to external users.


To work around this issue, store the video in another location. For example, add the video to a SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business Library location that enables external sharing, and then share the video to the external users.


I have been following Featured ID: 27728 for over 2 years now, it was one of the reasons I signing up for O365, it's quite maddening to watch a feature update get pushed back and back and back and back, time and time again.  I am a Digital Producer, I produce mostly bands and music talent, and my tenant is small.  I have been using stream to document all of my recordings, but they are locked in a box, and I can't share without moving it around.  it would be nice to get an actual answer about it, instead of being pushed to Featured ID: 27728... and having someone read... "oh, we are working on it", no your not, you just reading a rebuttal, Microsoft just keeps pushing it down the road... and will continue to. 

@Matt Haysagree. Microsoft needs to make it much easier to collaborate with third parties using Teams. 

@Patrick_lky Yeah we really need this feature and its pretty silly that we don't. I get asked about this weekly from users and its crazy to people you can record a meeting in Teams but the guest users on the meeting can't view the recording. Just stupid.


@Patrick_lky This is soooo crazy.  How can we get Microsoft to make this change ASAP and make stream video's public?

@Matt Hays @microsoft_developers: I am an admin user in two companies using O365. I am not able to share the videos even between two O365 accounts. This is really strange and even more: blocking. Especially if you thing that the stream is just kind of file sitting somewhere!!!

It would be nice to have a choice to
seamlessly save videos to onedrive or stream.

@Cian Allner please hurry with this feature... we are trying really hard to move away from Zoom but Microsoft lacking feature parity in Teams is making it very difficult. Sharing recorded videos with meeting participants either internally or externally is a total must... it should be easy to do too... downloading, uploading to onedrive/sharepoint, and then sharing is completely awful and not tenable. 

It seems insane that we have a record meeting feature, and then everyone spends hours trying to figure out how to share the video to others not in the meeting and can't.

Worse, it seems possible, but then after it's shared the recipient can't view it. It causes endless useless cycles across the organization. And worse still, the permissions vary, with items appearing and disappearing so people aren't sure where to look, because the obvious basic sharing is guaranteed to fail.
It's as if you're intentionally f****ng with people to encourage them to hate your product so they will use another video platform that works.

@Cian Allner 


You mention that workaround to share video to external is to first copy video on onedrive .. but how do you do that ? 

Could find any resource that explain this.







Sure, I download the recording to my local drive or downloads and then I upload this to OneDrive in a public folder and provide a weblink for external users to access this file.


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@paulpaxtechnologycom @sangd Yeah its not an ideal solution but it works. But you are bypassing Stream entirely then and having to store these videos full size in OneDrive. I couldn't see recommending this solution on any sort of large scale, but for a one-off it does the job. What I've had to do is just make a YouTube channel and we post our stuff there. Again not ideal but at least its a proper streaming service. Stream, for the name, has a long way to go to be a functional streaming service missing something as basic as guest access. What is extra annoying is with the new Teams meetings "broadcast" feature, guests are viewing the feed via Stream. Thus they've made guest access work with Stream for that service. So no idea why we are still waiting for it on normal Stream video permissions. Just Microsoft being Microsoft I suppose :\ Always love to give us reasons to use 3rd party services.

Best Response? Why? Because it says the same we are hearing from microsoft now for years?
Not available but in development. That are some serious infos we never heard before. That sure is the best response ... telling us the same .... we are fed off hearing.

@Cian Allner 
I don't understand, because external users that are invited can use all the chat features, so can't be difficult to also allow permission to view the embedded recording from same Teams meeting windo?

@vincentacloudthe challenge is that the videos are stored in Stream which is effectively part of SharePoint online. If your organisation has restricted external file sharing from SharePoint then it is difficult to make videos of Teams meeting available without opening up the sharing of other files from SharePoint. 

@Danny_Golding I don't think it matters what permissions you have set on your SharePoint online, Stream won't share outside the org no matter what right now.

@paulpaxtechnologycom - Just make sure your organizational OneDrive has the sharing to externals enabled or you will be back where you started.

If you can download the video and your company (or you) have a YouTube channel, share the video that way. That's what I ended up having to do, unfortunately.



Hard to believe that this feature is still not available, for example, recording MS Teams sessions per default are stored on Stream and it is a big hassle now to share those recordings to attendees of the call that are outside your organisation, makes no sense to me.