Finding Videos as an admin

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As a Stream admin with no direct access to a particular video, how can it be found without a direct URL? 


The reason I ask, is that I uploaded a video to stream, then tried to find the same video with my global admin account.  While I could get to the video with a direct link, and use the 'edit as admin' function to make changes, I cannot see anyway to find the video from searching.

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@Chris Mat - The only way you can elevate yourself to view a private video is if someone sent you a link to it. We don't have a mode in Stream that lets an Admin elevate themselves for the entire portal and browse/search/find ALL videos. 


We've tossed around this idea/need internally but we don't have a planned timeline for when we'd do it. I just searched the idea forum and there wasn't an entry related to this that I could find. Could you add this idea so others can vote/comment on it?  (