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I want to drop audio files into Stream. Knowing that the application doesn't support them, I converted them to WAVE which is supposed to be supported but it doesn't work. What can I do about it? In which format should I convert them?

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Why not convert them to a video file with a static background, perhaps one that explains the name/date/information about the audio file?
That way it's a "video" but it's audio only.
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We don't support audio only files. If you did convert them into a video then you could upload it just like other videos.


You could use PowerPoint as a simple tool to make a video for your audio file.


Enable the "Recording" tab in PowerPoint.

File > Options > Customize Ribbon > Right hand list check the box next to "Recording"


Make a slide with whatever info you want to display. Title, speaker, date of recording, etc.


Insert the audio file into the slide

Recording tab > Audio > Audio on my PC

(It should by default be marked to play automatically)


Publish the powerpoint and audio to Stream

Recording tab > Publish to Stream > Give it a title/description, check upload original PPT > Click publish

PPT - Podcast.png



When it's done making a video on your PC, it will upload that video to Stream and give you back a link to the video. You can then set/change the permissions.

Podcast Screenshot.png



@Marc Mroz   I have 2016 office version but I don't see the recording check box though



@Mohan Kumar Narayanan 

I believe this is an Office 365 functionality, not impemented in Office 2016.

Thanks @Marc Mroz 

Helps a lot.


For other people doing this you will need to 

- find out how long your audio is e.g. 8:14   (eight mins 14 seconds)

To get audio to start when slide is exported to Stream do the following

- before you publish to Stream

- click on audio 

- select "playback" menu

- change the "audio options" to "start automatically"

Then to get the video to last as long as the audio do the following

- click "Transitions" menu in PowerPoint

- then in the "timing" menu section

- change the "Advance slide" from on "mouse click", to After 8:14 or what ever your audio's length is.

If you don't do part two then the video will only last as long as the default transition per slide. e.g. 5 secs


We are using this as a "trainable" way for normal staff to publish MP3 audio and podcasts.


Hope this helps.