TargetUserOrGroupType and TargetUserOrGroupName missing in OfficeActivity Schema

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I noticed that the following are missing from the schema in OfficeActivity logs:

  • TargetUserOrGroupType: Identifies whether the target user or group is a Member, Guest, SharePointGroup, SecurityGroup, or Partner.

  • TargetUserOrGroupName: Stores the UPN or name of the target user or group that a resource was shared with (User B in the previous example).

This is key information to determine whether information was shared with a Guest identity or a Member identity. 


The only thing I found regarding this issue was a feedback post from September:


Is this going to be added in the near future? Or is there a possible work around to get this information into a query?



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@leoszalkowski : thanks for the input, we will look into that.


~ Ofer

@Ofer_Shezaf Great! Thank you. Please let me know if/when there will be a solution for this.