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logs and Azure AD groups

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Hello everyone,


I'm still new to Sentinel, my aim is to use a KQL query to retrieve some sign-in logs and filter them by displaying sign-ins for members of a specific Azure AD Group only.

When using "SigninLogs" I can't identify a field for group membership. I'm thinking about using the "identity" field to correlate users with groups but I'm still not able to find a way to that.


Do you have some similar experience to share?


Thanks for your help


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@Alexander_Ceyran There is nothing that you can access directly in Azure Sentinel although the information is available in the Graph API.  You may be able to write a PowerApp that will copy that data into an Azure Blog and then you can use the externaldata command to read that.


This blog post also talks a bit about using the Graph API so it may be of use:


Not the best solution but it should work.  BTW, you can use the KQL command search to search all the tables for a specific  value like an AAD group to see if you can find it.

@Gary Bushey Thanks for your help , I used externaldata with a csv file (The file is stored in a blob container) containing the UPN of all members of the group, just to share my solution with others:

let grouplist = externaldata (Members: string) [h"https://...file.csv"];
| where UserPrincipalName !in~ (grouplist)