Sending Dynamics 365 Non-Prod (Sandbox / Dev / Test / Staging) Logs to Sentinel

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The new Dynamics 365 connector in Sentinel looks great. However, there currently seems to be a gap without being able to collect audit logs from Non-Prod (Sandbox / Dev / Test / Staging) D365 environments.

I'm working with a customer that has a lot of sensitive data (not scrubbed) in their non-prod environments and they need to collect the audit logs into Sentinel. I found this KB about how to do this possibly through Power Apps and the O365 audit log.


Is there an initiative on the Sentinel team's roadmap to integrate Non-Prod (Sandbox / Dev / Test / Staging) D365 logs into Sentinel via the Data Connector interface in Sentinel (with 1-click)?

Are there any other limitations I'm not aware of or am I missing something? I'm definitely not a D365 SME.


My customer is trying to determine if they should integrate logs with the underlying Power Apps approach or if they should just wait for direct non-prod D365 log support in Sentinel. 


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