SAP to Sentinel?

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Hi everyone, does anyone know if there is a sentinel integration guide for sap? i have not found anything yet.




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Have you looked at this?  There are some SAP instructions, note it also says: "requires a SAP account".

@Garfield-P Download the SAP-SIEM Integration guide from Layer7 I've also attached it to this thread

@SAP-SIEM_Guru SAP to Sentinel connector is available? or we can leverage Solution Manager 

@Amit-Lal You don't need a connector. SolMan will output alerts to a log file in the SolMan host. You just need to create a custom log data source in Azure to ingest the file. Based on Azure requirements, the output can be formatted in SolMan to start each entry in the log with a timestamp in a supported format. The default file format is UTF-8. This is also supported by Azure. See

@SAP-SIEM_Guru Thanks for your response. Just looking for SAP Audit and DB logs fetched on Azure Sentinel using syslog connector, that is possible too right?

@Amit-Lal Yes, the file can be converted to syslog. DB logs can also be monitored by SolMan and included in the output to Azure. This includes HANA