Sample Data from Community GitHub to Sentinel

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Hi, what’s the easiest way to ingest the sample csv/json files found at to my Sentinel instance please? Mainly interested in the CEF and Custom samples.

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Easiest way would be to use the PowerShell upload script here - Obviously using Import-Csv and Import-Json where relevant.

The problem for CEF data is that you can only use the API/PowerShell to upload to custom tables. So the data won't show up in the CommonSecurityLog table. The only way I know to get those logs into the correct table is unfortunately complex. It requires setting up an OMS agent on a linux host, and configuring rsyslog to ingest those files and forward them to the OMS agent.
Thank you, I will try the PowerShell script! :)

I do have a linux host with the OMS agent but couldn't figure out how to correctly add the files to syslog. I've tried something like logger -f sampledata.json -t CEF but that didn't work :(