"Duplicate" Workbooks

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I was alerted of a strange issue this morning.  It would appear as if, any workbooks that we have created, are showing as two entries within the "My Workbooks" Tab with the same name.  This appears to be the case for any workbooks that were pushed via our CI/CD deployment outlined below as well as workbooks that were manually created.  As far as it would appear; these two entries are in fact the same workbook (same workbookID).  They also operate as the same workbook i.e. if a change is made in one, the change is evident to the second link.  If one is deleted, they both are removed from the listing. 


We have also attempted to remove all workbooks and push again via the CI/CD process listed below but this still results in "duplicate" workbooks.   


CI/CD Deployment:  Pushed via azure pipeline leveraging the New-AzResourceGroupDeployment cmdlet.  This deployment has been operational for at least 3 weeks without issue.  No change to this pipeline/deployment has taken place either.


Other users have also experienced the same issue across multiple workspaces as well.  


Has anyone else seen this issue before?


Thank you!

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I am noticing the same thing. There are 2 entries for the same workbook and if I edit one of the entries, the other entry shows the same edit. Only the one that I have saved from a template is not duplicated.

Was hoping to see a solution here. We are experiencing the same issue. Workbooks are duplicated.

Was told on a call with MS that this is a known Azure wide issue and should be resolved soon
Do we have update on this issue, look like majority of Azure Sentinel instances may impacted with this duplicate workbook issue.