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For the purposes of alerting when something has happened concerning a public IP, for example, a Public IP address was associated with a resource (NIC, Load Balancer, etc.), shouldn't this work?



| where OperationNameValue == @"Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/join/action"


It is the literal definition here:

Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/join/action - Associate a public IP address to a resource


but yet, the event (me, associating a public IP to a VM's nic) shows up under "Microsoft.Network/networkInterfaces/write"


My question is, what is the Operation that I need to evaluate for if I want to see if a Public IP was associated/disassociated with a resource (regardless of the resource)? 

Ideally not just associations and dissassociations, but also creation, deletion, etc.

These do seem to work:

@"Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/read", @"Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/write", @"Microsoft.Network/publicIPAddresses/delete" but I care most about associations and dissassociations.



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Moreover, I found this in "Hunting":

let OperationNames = dynamic(["microsoft.compute/virtualMachines/write", "microsoft.resources/deployments/write"]);
// We look for any Operation that modified and then was accepted or succeeded where a publicipaddress component is referenced
| where OperationNameValue in~ (OperationNames)
| where ActivityStatusValue has_any ("Succeeded", "Accepted")
| where Properties contains "publicipaddress"

It does not work at all as far as showing association/dissassociation of a public IP to a VM's NIC that I just performed like 20 minutes ago



| where ResourceProvider == "Microsoft.Network"
| where OperationName == "Create or Update Public Ip Address"


Thanks Clive, I am not sure why this is, but I am getting null (empty) for both columns. I don't think it's a permissions issue, since I am a contributor in the sub. where this log analytics workspace is located.

Sorry I'm not sure, I do have workbook which also used ARG for extra data.
Its not been updated for a while but may help with Public IP.
Thanks, Will take a look