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Hey there,
The product is amazing, very promising with great features, looking forward to setup entire SIEM on it. Our company has zero on prem solution, it’s a cloud native organisation. It would be highly appriciated if you consider pull log via REST Api method that would help us to introduce integration with
AWS Cloudtrail
Also any plan or a way to pull Azure Sql logs? Does it work if i just enable log analytics streaming?
Many thanks in advance!
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Same exact environment and interest!

What we actually have done is the following:

integrated Salesforce with CloudApp security portal, that collects and correlate SF logs,

integrated CloudApp security with Sentinel. Coz, SF has rate limiting, and CloudApp security integration takes care of that. This flow somehow solved Salesforce part.

However, AWS is a different story, you have options for different SaaS logs to analyze, you might need to connect it to Sentinel directly (VPC logs, KMS logs, etc).