Not able to connect DevOps repository to Sentinel

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Hello folks,


I am trying to connect my DevOps repository to my Sentinel environment as part of an automation. I was able to connect 'GitHub' successfully though.


But, I am getting the error {"Error while performing Azure DevOps repository fetch. Details: [TF400813: The user [redacted tenant admin] is not authorized to access this resource"} even after my URL getting accepted. I have made sure that I have 'Owner' access for Sentinel's RG and I am the 'Owner' and 'Project Administrator' of the organization for my DevOps account.

Strangely, I never get to see my 'Organization' in the drop down menu. I also tried to 'Authorize' in the incognito window to make sure I am getting the correct account connection.


Can anyone please help me out?

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@Yash_Mudaliar Got the same issue on 2 tenants:

one is production with restrictions to accounts, PIM etc, but the account I'm using is both the Owner of the resourcegroup as well as owner of repository/project in ADO.


The other is dev tenant and I'm running globaladmin account with all permissions to Azure Resources (including Sentinel) and in ADO project. Same issue, same error. No resolution.

I've opened two tickets in MS with this.


Anyone any clue?

Hey @mczerniawski , try turning the 3rd party OAuth option for the organization that you are trying to connect. This worked for me.




@Yash_Mudaliar  I already enabled the connection policies but still the same issue.