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Apr 03 2024, 07:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PDT)
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Microsoft Teams Flow Bot

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Anyone able to use Azure Sentinel --> Logic App with MS Teams Flow Bot to post message in a channel ?


I haven't figure how to do it and although my logic app Post a message to Teams works - when my action is Post a message as the Flow Bot in a channel always fails

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Have you added the Flow bot to the team?

@Thijs LecomteHi and thanks for your response


Flow Bot App is added to Microsoft Teams - without any configuration. Do i need to configure anything else ?


Like User Permissions with whom i connect ? Group Chat Permissions ? Flow bot Config ?

I figure that i can post in public channel message as Flow Bot but not in private channels in Teams.


Anyone know if it is possible ?

To access the Microsoft Flow bot, add the Microsoft Flow app to Microsoft Teams. Next, go to the Conversation tab and start typing. The Microsoft Flow bot could be used to trigger any scheduled flow on demand. For example, you could have a weekly report that sends an email to your organization.

@Lewis-HThe flow bot app is added as already said. I am trying to trigger the flow bot from azure sentinel logic app to post a message to a private channel.


Although it posts to a public channel when triggered - i get error when trying to post to a private channel although it is already added to that channel.


Does flow bot can be triggered from sentinel to post in a private channel? because it seems not


Dooes anyone was able to make this work? I am trying to do exactly the same but I am not receiving any messages in my teams private chat despite I enabled the flow app in teams.